Japanese culture and tradition can be found throughout the premises.

Experience Japanese beauty and tradition at each high-quality facility, including the beautifying hot spring and the approximately 20,000m2 garden.


Hospitality from the bottom of our hearts

We also have resident gardeners, carpenters and maintenance workers that manage each facility to ensure a pleasant stay.

Have fun, get refreshed and forget the time.

1st floor

Hot spring

The private Shiratama no Yu hot spring has the highest sulfur content in Japan.
The water color is a beautiful emerald green.
There is an indoor bath, Jacuzzi, large sauna and several open-air baths, including a cypress bath, a stone bath, a reclining bath and a sitting bath.

1st floor

Tsuki no Fune and Hoshi no Fune private spas

Completely private chartered open-air baths at the private Shiratama no Yu hot spring. The exclusive lounge area has massage chairs and a restroom.


Usage fee: 4,000 yen (including tax) per space (up to six people for 60 minutes)

1st floor

Ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant)

The eating areas are basically private rooms.
Choose from tatami seating or tables with chairs.

1st & 4th floor

Aesthetic salon and massage

There is an exclusive aroma therapy and massage room.
Available to both men and women.


Reservations can be made in advance.
*We are unable to provide massages to pregnant women.

1st floor

Indoor pool

Indoor adult pool with three 20m lanes, safe 60cm-deep children’s pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.

1st floor

Lobby and lounge

The garden scenery you’ll see looks like a giant painting.
In the evening, you can enjoy it as a night lounge with a cocktail, with candlelight creating a magical atmosphere.

1st floor


The spacious kiosk is right next to the lobby.
We have several exclusive Niigata souvenirs.

1st floor

Large garden

The approximately 20,000m2 garden at Kahou changes colors in spring, summer, autumn and winter with an abundance of light in the morning, daytime and evening.


Reservations can be made on Expedia and Booking.com.

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